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Why You Should Use Vancouver Dog Walking Services
August 26, 2021 at 4:00 AM

There isn’t much your dog wouldn’t do for you. Whether your furry friend is a jogging buddy or a fellow couch potato, chances are, they’re up for anything. We know that you’d do anything to make your dog happy––giving them the best food, celebrating their “gotcha day,” and ensuring they get a daily walk. But it’s hard to explain to Fido when your day gets hectic, and you have to cut your time in the park short. That’s why it’s worth it to hire a Vancouver dog walking service. Professional dog walkers will make sure your dog always gets their walk, even when you’re busy with other life responsibilities.

There are plenty of benefits of using professional dog walking services in Vancouver, here are just a few.

Dogs thrive when they have a predictable routine.

Does your dog show up to the food bowl five minutes before their dinner time? That’s because dogs learn their routine–even if they can’t tell time. When things happen at the same time every day–like walks, meals, and when you get home from work–your dog feels confident about its place in the world.

Scheduling a Vancouver dog walking service means your dog gets a walk at the same time every day. The predictability gives them a feeling of security and confidence, resulting in a happier overall pup!

A tired dog is a good dog.

If your dog is prone to getting into trouble when left home alone, it might be because it’s not getting enough exercise. Many common problem behaviors, like obsessive barking, destructive tendencies, or housebreaking issues, are because dogs have too much pent-up energy.

Even if you have a backyard for your dog, a professional dog walker offers a chance to get exercise and enrichment from exploring your neighborhood. The result is a tuckered-out pup that’s calm at home.

Professional dog walkers focus 100% on your pet.

Multitasking is a way of life, especially for busy households juggling work, childcare, and dog walking. When you’re taking work calls, catching up with friends, or trying to plan your calendar while walking your dog, it might be time to call in reinforcements. Vancouver dog walking services from Careful Cleaners can help.

Dog walkers give your pup all their attention, reinforce training commands, encourage them to exercise, and give you a full report after the walk. Your dog gets a more enriching experience while on the walk, and you can give your full attention to the rest of your to-do list.

You’ll always know how your pup is feeling.

Dogs can’t tell you when they’re not feeling well, but acting lethargic and an upset stomach are common signs that something is going on with your pup, and it might be time for a vet appointment.

In a hectic home, you may not notice if your dog is sick right away. But a Vancouver dog walking service will make a note if your pup acts tired or gets sick on the walk so that you can stay on top of your pet’s health.

Put your home on autopilot with Vancouver dog walking services from Careful Cleaners.

Our expert team works with homeowners to get their homes on autopilot. Little chores that add up to a lot of work each week get taken care of by professionals with attention to detail and dedication to perfection. When your home’s on autopilot, you can focus on the things that matter. Spend more time with your family, take impulsive weekend trips, or stay late at the office without worrying about who’s doing laundry at home.

Our Vancouver dog walking service makes sure that your furry family members stick to their routine–even when you can’t. We’ll make sure they do their business and get plenty of exercise, so there are no unexpected messes or paths of destruction for you to deal with later. Put your home on autopilot with Careful Cleaners’ Vancouver dog walking service.